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What is Brain EduCenter?

Why do we need to develop creativity and critical thinking?

Human beings and animals are different in many aspects. The most distinctive difference is that human beings
have the ability to think and reason. Approaching the 21st century, people are increasingly emphasizing
the importance of thinking. That is because thinking is the basis of creativity, which is necessary to adapt
well to both current and future societies, and to achieve success in society.

Children are born with infinite potential.  However, potential is like having an empty vessel. This empty vessel is filled according to the quality and the quantity of
various stimuli that children encounter from the time they are born. In other words, without various stimuli, the vessel would not be filled and children would not
display their ability.

Therefore, parents should provide their children with opportunities to experience various educational stimuli. At this time, they have to pay careful attention to not
only the quantity but also the quality of stimuli because thinking skills are not inherited characteristics but acquired ones.

Researchers at Hansol Education have put forth all of their energy to design better educational programs for the enhancement of children's thinking and creativity.
Finally, we have developed the "Brain School Program" which benefits children from 2 to 5 years of age.

The program has been designed systematically to develop children's creative and critical thinking ability. It helps children develop their thinking processes
progressively from easy steps to more complicated ones, utilizing their five senses to think creatively through their activities, interactions, and conversations.
Through the program, children will learn how to think actively, independently and creatively.

Head of School Mrs. Park Hyun Soon

Educational Background
Ph.D in Early Childhood Education, UNJ
Ph.D in Child Studies, Korea University
M.Ed in Early Childhood, Ewha Women’s University
Founder of Little Lambs International Pre-School
in Jakarta Selatan, Tangerang, Kelapa Gading
Hansol Education Hope Foundation Director
Research Professor, ASMI University
Coordinator of International Relation,
Duksung University
Education Columnist, Jakarta Economic Newspaper
32 Years of Education Experience
Asia Coordinator, Duksung University
Vice President, Mesa Lab
Guest Lecturer, Far East University, Korea
Guest Lecturer, South Seoul University, Korea
Research & Training
Self-Training Book for Teachers,
Seoul City Office of Education,
Excellent Cases of Kindergarten Activities,
Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, Korea
Theory and Practice of Project Approach,
West Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education,
Cultural-Technical Research of Dramatic Play
Through Storybook, Thesis of M.Ed Ph.D, Ewha Womens University
Prize awarded by President of Korea
Education Minister Prize
Expatriate Prize
Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Prize
Seoul City Superintendent of Education Prize
Interviewed by KBS World Radio
The Importance of Children Creative Education,
SBS News
Creativity Progress Counseling, SBS
Problems of Early English Education, EBS