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Our Philosophy

What Brain EduCenter Aims for

Every Child Is Born with Hidden Potentials inside Them

Brain Educenter respects every child’s hidden potentials inside,
and we try our best to pull their hidden potentials out.
In Brain EduCenter, children are able to cultivate their in-depth thinking skills
and become a 21st Century global talent.

Brain EduCenter’s Mission Statement and Vision

The Brain EduCenter Program is an integrated thinking ability learning program for ages of children from 2 - 7 to stimulate
their curiosity and develop thinking, expressing, problem solving techniques through various trainings.
It is a five sensory stimuli program, where the child will discover and explore by touching and feeling the 1800 different real-life objects.
This program is an outstanding stimuli program to raise the child’s hidden potentials. It is designed to systematically train logical and
creative thinking techniques to help develop creative problem-solving skills required to become a 21st Century global talent.

Brain EduCenter’s Theoretical Background
(Purdue Three-Stage Model)

‘Purdue Three-Stage Model’ has been primarily developed by John Feldhusen for providing appropriate education programs to talented and gifted children.
Purdue Three-State Model aims for giving children opportunities in learning diverse subjects based on their talent, aptitude, and interest.

In the three distinct stages, children begin by exploring basic levels of knowledge, expand with the application of knowledge and skill sets,
and finish with generating and evaluating creative outcomes.


acquiring basic levels of knowledge


applying the knowledge and skills


Generating and evaluating creative outcomes
Development of 21st Century global talent who possesses creative problem-solving skills.

Math, Science, Language, Society, Rhythm, Creation, Motion